is dedicated to providing entertainment that directly benefits humanitarian causes

To Love Amazingly is to Love Without Fear and Love Without Cause...

About Us

CJ Machado- Founder/CEO Producer, Writer, Photo Journalist with Homeland Magazine, Illustrator, Comedian

CJ is a first generation Portuguese American and resides in San Diego, CA.  She

blames her artistic and poetic talents on her mother and great-grandfather.  

She devotes all her projects 

to humanitarian causes and veteran advocacy.

Micah Hogan- Inspiration for LOVE AMAZINGLY PRODUCTIONS

Micah was four years old when he was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy and continues his brave battle against this debilitating muscle disease.

Gareth P. Jones- Co-Founder Writer, Voice Over Artist, Graphic Designer

Gary was born in Glasgow, Scotland.  Traveling extensively, in 1995 he found himself in the fayre city of San Diego where he has settled in. He spends most of his time writing and having deep philosophical conversations with his neighbor's cat.  Of the two, the cat usually makes more sense.


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